Tank Kombucha Mixpack


Kombucha (12 – mixed pack)
Low sugar (3,5g / 100ml)
With benificial bacteria, vitamins & enzymes

4x Badass Berry
4x Wicked Weisse
4x Ironic IPA

250 ml x 12 (mixed pack)

Tank Kombucha is a Belgium based Kombucha brewery. They are situated in a community nearby Brussels named “Be-Here” The organisation provides a space for businesses who focus on sustainable food & drinks, but also aiming on projects at the social economy to generate employment.

The young brewery produceses 3 different types of Kombucha with an own touch to it. The flavours are inspired by different types off beer, to maintain the herritage of Belgium as a beer country. Based on an IPA, Weisse & Fruitbeer; Tank Ironic IPA, Wicked Weisse & Badass Berry was born! A very cool and tastefull drink, to be enjoyed with friends.


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